Our Roots

We are a bohemian collective of world travelers and free-spirits who are artists, artisans, creators, producers and visionaries that love, respect, and celebrate Mother Earth. We love global adventure and the endless gifts provided by Mother Nature.

We embrace time honored teachings handed down by generations ranging from our Grandmothers and the Farmer’s Almanac, to Native American and other sacred wisdoms and ritual. Our seeds germinate from love and respect for one another and our special place in the Universe, and are planted with beliefs of simple, nature-driven wellness.   

Our Intention

We are in love with the Earth and align our dreams with the seasonal dance of the Sun, Moon and Stars. Our dream is to honor, commemorate and celebrate time-honored traditions from the pantheon of peaceful spiritual practices.

We embrace the Moon and all of her cycles and commemorate her quiet power to rule the tides. We go with the ebb and flow of life to create and curate monthly subscription boxes that honor each individual’s unique sense of spirit, with a dash of sparkle on the side. Our aim is to provide soul-nourishing gifts that act as a monthly toolkit to support you on the unfolding of your personal journey.   

Our Promise

  • To curate each box with love and pure intention.
  • To create a high-vibe tribe of like-minded, adventure seeking and Earth loving visionaries, with whom we share dreams and ideas.
  • To ignite our collective spirits to soar as a community.
  • To ground our intentions in self-love, nature, and beauty.
  • To balance energies with gifts borne from Mother Earth.
  • To bring our adventurous spirit to your door every month.
  • To practice gratitude for all of the lessons and blessings bestowed upon us for our journey.  

The Spirit Trading Company subscriber emulates Mother Earth. Ignite Your Free Spirit and Let Your Effervescent Light Guide You.

Lift Your Spirit!