Spirit Guides

Our aim is to provide soul-nourishing gifts that act as a monthly toolkit that is specifically aligned with the dance of the Earth, Moon and Stars to support the unfolding of your personal journey.

To help guide us through each month, we are proud to feature Astrology for the People by James Panther, who generously provides us with bi-monthly planetary alignment guides to be posted by the New and Full Moons, alongside keeping us in the know of any major planetary phenomena that we should align our spirits with.

Spirit Guides Ritual

As each monthly New and Full Moon cycle presents itself, we will feature a new Spirit Guides Ritual that aligns with your Spirit Kit. Many of these valuable tools will also be printed and available in your monthly kit to support the Full Moon, but please visit this page for your Monthly New Moon Star Guides and supporting Spirit Guide Ritual.

Spirit Crystals

Your monthly Spirit Kit features Spirit Crystals, which have been cleansed, charged, and amplified to align with your divine spirit on every day of your journey. Information on the Monthly Crystals are included within each Spirit Kit via keepsake ritual cards that are included with each shipment.

Enter The Spirit Circle

Emulate Mother Earth; beat your own drum; emanate light from within and let your indomitable soul-spirit guide you.

Lift Your Spirit!